GPS Tracking

GPS fleet tracking is possible thanks to the Global Positioning System (GPS) - a combination of satellites positioned around the globe. The receivers/devices that we place in your vehicles are able to communicate and send signals with these satellites and in return the exact location of a vehicle can be determined. The fleet tracking software we have created is able to collect this data and present live web-based tracking at your fingertips. Q-Matics is able to provide both GPS tracking hardware and software to collect countless information about your fleet. All Q-Matics GPS options support: Real time location, hard braking, rapid acceleration and GEO fencing.

Real Time Fleet Tracking
Use any web enabled device to track your assets in real time

Historical Route Replay
Review your fleets prior trips and verify service up to 3 months later

Driver Behavior Management and Score cards
Let our application grade driver preformance daily, weekly and monthly for safety violations and excessive ildling.

Fleet management
Use any web enabled device to view your fleet.

Additional GPS Products for Fleets
Call for pricing and volume discounts

Hardware 3300

Q-Matics 3030

The Q-Matics 3030 installs in all passenger vehicles older than 1996 (OBD-II).

Superior GPS & cellular performance
Installs in seconds
Power sleep modes
Backup battery

Hardware 4200

Q-Matics 4200

The Q-Matics 4200 is our fully customizable flagship device with a full feature set.

Great in harsh enviroments
Supports multiple peripherals
Temperature sensors for cold storage
Rear door sensors for reefers

Asset Tracker

Q-Matics Asset Tracker

The Q-Matics asset tracker is designed to be placed on equiment left at job sites.

1 battery that can report once daily for 7 years.
IP67 sealed and rugged enclosure
Over the air downloads
Web-based device management